Watch the videos below while keeping in mind the following things:
1) Comprehensibility of the spoken Spanish.
2) Helpfulness of any written words.
3) Overall ability of the video to teach the subject.
4) Overall entertainment value of the video.

Then, vote on your favorite using the form at the bottom.

Video 1: Regular Present-tense -AR Verbs 

Video 2: Present Tense -IR Verbs

Video 3: -IR Verb Conjugation

Video 4: Present Tense Conjugations

Video 5: Present Tense Conjugations

Video 6: Present Progressive Tense

Video 7: Present Tense -AR Verbs

Video 8: Preterite Tense

Video 9: Present Progressive Tense

Video 10: Preterite Tense

Video 11: Present Progressive Tense

Video 12:Demonstrative Adjectives

Video 13: -AR Verb Conjugations